180 pages makes Paddock life a weighty publication. We print on heavy coated art paper and our covers are soft laminated Art Board. We believe the touch, feel and even smell of a magazine is all part of the experience.

Paddock Life doesn’t have a traditional cover shot neither does it have a big advert on the back cover, just our trademark carbon fibre print with a shining ‘P’ logo and a single colour block to identify the issue. Once inside you don’t have to thumb through pages of adverts before you get content; we don’t like that so we don’t do it.

Motor Racing is a big part of our content, from GT3, Endurance, F1 to Classic racing, Hill Climbing and marquee races such as the Mille Miglia or Le Mans. You won’t find race results or championship standings as being a quarterly that wouldn’t make any sense. Our stories capture the beauty and passion of the events.

Cars play a huge part in our lives, so we’ll always try to create interesting features. Not so much reviews, but our take on them. As a team we’ve owned and lived with some very interesting machinery so we try to temper our comments with real life experience that we think our readers can associate with.

Anything with wheels and an interesting story, be it a motorcycle, mountain bike or skateboard. If it’s fun, cool and gets the adrenaline pumping then it has a place in Paddock Life.

We understand our readers; Paddock Life was conceived as a magazine for us and our friends so our lifestyle features (usually with a link to petrol hedonism) play a huge part in the content.

GT3 lineup spoiler


Art is life. We look at Paddock Life as a piece of art, so we try to feature both fresh and established artists by working with some of the worlds most respectable galleries, but we also meet many interesting artists in the automotive world, usually at events, and will always find space to tell their stories and feature their work.



What can we say? We like a drink, so we’ve always carried a wine article and supported artisan distillers and brewers. We featured Sipsmiths Gin back in 2016, before it became a supermarket staple, we even did a very cool shoot in their distillery.

Be they famous or a little place we discovered on a road trip, restaurants, bars and hotels are all part of the Paddock Life ethos.


There are so many shows and events from the annual classic car or racing shows or specialist events, to the Concourse d’elegance circuit. Salon Privé or Pebble Beach, Goodwood Festival of Speed or Revival, there are always colourful shots that capture the atmosphere inside Paddock Life.


We use our contacts and networks to get interesting perspectives on the world’s commerce and investment trends



Fashion and cars have been linked since Twiggy drove a Mini, Rolls Royce recently based an entire campaign around fashion and Paddock Life has some unique and original features ready to shoot bringing a new and exciting element to our pages.


We love books and so many iconic marques and characters from our world of automotive adventure have brilliant and engaging publications, so these have become a regular part of Paddock Life.


Super-yachts you can live on or RIBs you can play with and anything in between we love them so we feature them when we can.


Our back pages are given over to ‘Oh You Pretty Things’ which feature gadgets and general cool and interesting stuff. It could be a workshop tool or a million-pound watch, a new helmet or jewellery box, a personal submarine or a leather belt – if it’s gorgeous and interesting you’ll find it in the back of Paddock Life.

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There are no boundaries as to what we feature in Paddock Life, our world as petrol heads is wide and varied, each issue has a
loose theme based on the curated content, but if we like and we can take beautiful pictures of it we will find a way to feature it.

Our team are petrol heads and artists, not publishers or traditional journalists, we have no rules as that would be hypercritical. We are not a car or motorsport magazine, we just set out on every issue to create a beautiful piece of art that is better than the last one. We live it, breathe it, drive it, design it, shoot it, write it – We are Paddock Life.

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