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Our last three issues have followed through from Lockdown to Resilience and Perseverance, the last issue number 18, which we published in May. This issue was originally scheduled for August. The themes include the first of our New Classics, which focuses on the cars, styles and innovations of the 1980s, the title is from Soul ll Soul’s break out hit of 1989. We thought the song’s lyrics – “Back to life, back to reality” summed up the rapidly changing global environment as we emerged from the restrictions of the pandemic.

Little did we know as we entered the summer that the backlash this perfect storm of Brexit, Covid 19 and the ship stranded in the Suez Canal had created more chaos for us and another set of challenges just as our world was opening back up from the restrictions. We first felt the effects when parts ordered for our “Restomods” being created for the TV series were unavailable, this was going to hold up production… but as we threw ourselves into the summer season of events and photo shoots for this issue, what we didn’t foresee was the severity of the supply line problems, specifically our paper.

We were offered alternatives, but the Paddock Life brand is built on top quality print, and that requires a certain paper weight and type. Our brand ethos also includes loyalty, a word that is so easily banded around these days and despite the usual claims, often goes unrewarded. When was the last time your insurance, TV company or energy supplier offered you a better deal because you’ve been with them for years? Yet, new customers get all the introductory offers. We like loyalty, so we’d rather wait for our regular suppliers to get the stock than be tempted by any alternative quick fix.

We thank you, our subscribers and readers for your loyalty and hope you’ll agree that this issue was worth the wait. Our opening article is the start of a series looking at the different decades of cars and the pop culture that influenced them. There is a huge summer of events to reminisce upon, some outstanding art, our usual GT series coverage, although we still haven’t been trackside this season, and above all some incredible photography. This photographic collection of images which we have commissioned throughout all 19 issues of Paddock Life magazine will be available exclusively on our website and later on a major UK gallery has offered to host a one-off exhibition selling limited editions of some of the most iconic images.

Better late than never, enjoy Back to Life and in the immortal words of the original funky dread, Jazy B - Keep on moving, don’t stop.

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