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"Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure"

Number 18, the Perseverance issue, never has a title been so appropriate, as we started the 2021 season we didn’t expect a normal season, but it just seems to have been a long slog to get going.

We are now settled in our new home at the Paddock Speedshop and the plans for that project have been blowing up beyond our expectations, so it is going to be a busy year for the Paddock team.

I’d like to thank all our readers for the amazing feedback and compliments and our ever growing band of subscribers. The sales of the Paddock Life’s last two issues have been incredible and our stock of back issues is rapidly diminishing. It’s wonderful to hear from you all and your compliments are most graciously received. I’m sure we’ll get to meet some of you this summer as we are present at a lot of the key shows, but thanks again and keep spreading the word.

Enjoy this issue and we look forward to introducing some of our new plans and new media in the next issue… there’s a little taster in this edition. For us 2021 is all about the next generation.

We’ll see you trackside or clink glasses at one of the shows…


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