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Chelsea Rouse, Director of Clarendon’s latest Fine Art Gallery in Marylebone, is our Art Contributor and to celebrate her interview with Mr Brainwash on Instagram Live on @clarendonfineartofficial, we are pleased to offer you a year's subscription to Paddock Life magazine starting with our current issue #18, plus a bonus Issue, a copy of #17, featuring Chelsea’s first contribution for just £35 inclusive of postage, a discount of 30%.

Paddock Life is a stylish, motoring lifestyle quarterly journal; for those who enjoy the art of the most exciting and beautiful automobiles ever built, from the latest supercars to the rarest classics, with regular features about Art, Drink, Events and International Motorsport, spread across 180 high quality printed pages - possibly the most beautiful motoring magazine you’ll ever read…


Clarendon Fine Art Discounted Subscription


Special offer includes postage and packing and free issue 17.

£35.00 (UK)

£60.00 (Rest of the world)

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